How to continue your progress started on Social-media

The instruction is suitable for Windows and mobile versions of the game.


To continue playing with your progress from social network, the first time you start the game, you need to click the icon of the social network from which you want to transfer your progress. If you skipped this step earlier, you can always find the social login buttons in the settings window.


Enter your username and password for your social network account. Go through the required login security procedures.


Attention! On a new device, only one game progress is possible, and in the future you will not be able to change it, so choose the original account carefully.


After you log into your social network account, the game will detect your progress on our server and offer to associate your device with this profile. If this is the account that you need, with a nickname and level you need - agree by clicking "OK".

After that, the device will be tied to your progress, and you can continue the game on the new device at any time!